The company was established in 1952 by Mr. Otto Aumüller and Mrs. Anneliese Aumüller. The management of the company now already lies in the hand of the third generation of the Aumüller family.

Anneliese Aumüller grew up in a family with a long tradition in weaving and basket making in the village Michelau, which is placed in the north of Bavaria. Mr. Otto Aumüller made his apprenticeship as a salesman in a basket producing company at Michelau, where in the second world war baskets were made of ammunition for German troops.

After the death of Mr. Otto Aumüller in 1972, Mrs. Anneliese Aumüller together with her son Wolfgang decided to continue the business, that Mr. Otto Aumüller started in really hard times.

1980 the whole company was given into the hands of Mr. Wolfgang Aumüller.

1982 the next step in the company development was done in opening a new central stock and distribution centre in the new industrial area at Michelau. The next property development was finished in the year 1988.
Since year 2000 Mr. Markus Aumüller, the first son of Mr. Wolfgang Aumüller is integrated in the family business. He is responsible for marketing and sales.